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Alemite FCS is Alemite’s newest Fluid Management System. Alemite FCS is designed for use in automotive service, lube truck, and other applications requiring accurate monitoring and reporting of fluid use.


  • Easy installation
  • Plug and play wiring
  • Single unit contains controls and power supply
  • Unit never needs opening to install
  • Easy meter calibration
  • PLC accommodates 6 pulse meters, 12 reels and 6 types of fluids
  • Inventory monitoring of up to 6 different fluids + 1 waste tank
  • PIN code security and touch key options
  • 2 levels of security if desired – operator and manager
  • Displays low tank level warnings. Warning and stop levels are customizable.
  • Free flow or preset metering options
  • Dispenses and totalizes in pints, quarts, gallons or liters. Each dispensing point can be programmed independently.
  • Large display for easy visibility
  • Stand alone system – no PC required
  • 1,000 transaction storage capacity – searchable by date, user or oil type
  • Can be used with or without printer
  • Integrated printer option
Images Product # Description
343000 Alemite FCS unit without printer
343000-1 Alemite FCS unit with built in printer